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Big Shoulders Fund

Big Shoulders Fund

We have had the humbling opportunity to work with Big Shoulders Fund, a Non-Profit Organization that provides support to inner-city schools which provide a quality, values-based education for Chicago’s children.

Here is an excerpt about our involvement with the Big Shoulders Fund from the Chicago Sun Times: "As they debated which stocks should be in their portfolio, Goodworth encouraged them to think about the products they use every day — the mattress they sleep on, the toothbrush they use, what they watch on their cellphones."

“Those are discussions which are really priceless,” he said."

Big Shoulders Fund

We recently had the pleasure of continuing our work with students through Big Shoulders Fund, an organization we are very humbled to have partnered with.

With Zoom meetings becoming the new norm, we moved from the classroom to a virtual setting to continue our work with these bright students!

Here is an excerpt from our feature in Austin Talks:

"Goodworth is was one of about 150 business people who over the course of the school year teach students the basics on investing, from how to evaluate a stock and when to buy or sell, to the importance of doing research and managing risk."

Goodworth tells the group, which meets every few weeks over Zoom, “there will be a time when we want to sell a stock because it’s reached its potential.”

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Goodworth Gives Back

Goodworth Gives Back

Goodworth Wealth Management strives to give back to our local community. We know that without our friends and neighbors, we have no one to serve. Whether is supporting organizations like the Big Shoulders Fund or hosting an electronics recycling drive, we’re eager to lend a hand when we can.

One thing we are truly passionate about is supporting local organizations that help feed the hungry. Our Marketing Associate, Rick Dowdle, and his sons spearhead this initiative. We want to share some of their recent activities…not so much to brag on them (although, we are certainly proud of their efforts), but to encourage you, our friends and clients, to give back if you are in a position to do so.

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